Internal Investigations

After Allegations

Fraud Investigations: After Allegations of Fraud

Mintz Group conducts a variety of investigations on behalf of clients who believe they have been victims of fraud.

Insider and Outsider Fraud Investigations

Whether investigating insiders or outsiders, Mintz Group knows how to re-trace fraudsters’ steps, uncover undisclosed relationships among businesses and people, and “follow the money.”

Internal investigations may involve a wide variety of suspected misdeeds inside our clients’ companies. When the suspected fraud is by outsiders, such as fraud on investors, we have a sharp eye for the inconsistencies, omissions, conflicts of interest, undisclosed controversies and other red flags that can point to who should have known what, when.

We’re accustomed to working quickly when allegations arise, so that in-house and outside counsel can make informed decisions, such as firing an employee, filing a lawsuit or referring a matter to a regulator or law enforcement. Our investigations may also clear up allegations and indicate that no wrongdoing has occurred.

Global Fraud Investigations

Working from 12 offices in 7 time zones, our multilingual team can extend the reach of a legal or compliance team in any language, geography and industry. Our investigators understand the local culture and business environment from their own experience in the countries where we work, and are trained in conducting detailed and ethical interviews.

Our work often begins online and ends in-country. Even in difficult jurisdictions and languages, we approach knowledgeable people, gather documentary evidence, and conduct forensic accounting and computer examinations cost-effectively.

We find that facts relevant to allegations are often hidden along obscure paper (and online) trails and in the memories of third-party witnesses.

Representative Matters

Ponzi Scheme

Over the past 10 years, Mintz Group has conducted a large-scale investigation of a Ponzi scheme on behalf of a bankruptcy trustee, in which we have knocked on the doors of hundreds of witnesses around the world. Our work has been integral to untangling complex money flows and who knew what about the fraud, leading to significant recoveries.

Hidden Ties to Investors

We helped an energy company respond to whistle-blower allegations about an employee’s under-the-table ties to vendors. We interviewed vendors (over whom we had no power to compel) while counsel interviewed employees at three client sites.

False Invoice

For a multinational company, we assisted counsel’s internal investigation of false invoicing by a finance-department employee. We identified side companies that the suspect created and used in the fraud, and uncovered the suspect’s extravagant lifestyle and intention to move abroad. We liaised with local law enforcement to effect an arrest and provided evidential findings to support a prosecution.

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