Background Checking

Before Relationships

Diligence: Before Transactions

We help you invest in deals anywhere in the world.

Background Checks of Individuals and Entities

Before events such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and financings, we check the backgrounds and reputations of individuals and entities.   

We locally verify the professed qualifications and track records of people with whom you are considering a deal, and uncover inconsistencies and controversies they may not have disclosed.  

And we scrutinize entities as thoroughly as people, including ultimate beneficial ownership, offshore and on.

Our clients represent a wide range of investors, including private equity and venture capital firms, pension funds, investment banks and their respective legal advisors. 

Worldwide Investigative Diligence

We offer a worldwide service in investigative diligence.  Our staff of more than 280 cross-border veterans work out of 12 offices in seven time zones and have conducted background checks in more than 130 countries.

We have decades of experience navigating repositories of obscure records in a wide variety of locales; and we maintain “boots on the ground” to inquire with trusted sources when needed. 

Standard and Custom Background Checks

We go way beyond “checking the box” by addressing the real risks you face as you consider investing your capital and reputation. We offer standard packages, and we also custom-build background checks.

We build the background checks you need.  No more, no less.

Why Mintz?

  • Our A to Z approach brings clarity to the confusing business of background checks: When it comes to diligence, when is enough, enough? Where does “background screening” end and “enhanced due diligence” begin?
  • We clear up the fog of common names. We don’t waste your time with a comment on a report such as: We are not sure whether this is the relevant person – it is a name match only.
  • Our clients complain that other background checkers mindlessly burden them with dubious “hits.” By assessing the reliability of those making allegations, our investigative experts provide proper context for potentially significant findings.
  • Because our clients have so much at stake in these transactions, our reports go well beyond the obvious online sources and data.
  • We work fast, and we alert clients to issues in real time.

What We Do

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