Our Services

Background Checking

Before Relationships

Pre-Hire Background Check: Before Hires & Appointments
Corporate Due Diligence: Before Transactions
Third Party Due Diligence: Before Engaging Third Parties
Social Responsibility Controversies: Corporate Social Responsibility
Background Check Company: Build a Background Check

Fact Gathering

During Disputes

Opponent Research in Legal Proceedings
Evidence Gathering for Legal Proceedings by Various Practice Areas
Asset Tracing
Intellectual Property

Internal Investigations

After Allegations

Corruption Investigations: After Allegations of Corruption
Fraud Investigations: After Allegations of Fraud
Workplace Misconduct Investigations: After Allegations of Workplace Misconduct

Mintz Group By the Numbers

280 Investigators

17 offices across 8 time zones

30+ languages

10,000 investigations in 100+ countries

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