Our Services

Background Checking

Before Relationships

Executive Diligence: Before Hires & Appointments
Diligence: Before Transactions
Third Party Due Diligence: Before Engaging Third Parties
Social Responsibility Controversies: Corporate Social Responsibility

Fact Gathering

During Disputes

Opponent Research in Legal Proceedings
Evidence Gathering for Legal Proceedings by Various Practice Areas
Asset Tracing
Intellectual Property

Internal Investigations

After Allegations

Corruption Investigations: After Allegations of Corruption
Fraud Investigations: After Allegations of Fraud
Workplace Misconduct Investigations: After Allegations of Workplace Misconduct

Mintz Group By the Numbers

280+ Investigators

12 offices across 7 time zones

30+ languages

10,000+ enhanced investigations per year in more than 130 countries

300,000+ screening investigations per year

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