Background Checking

Before Relationships

Pre-Hire Background Check: Before Hires & Appointments

We help you invest in talent—at any level of hire, anywhere in the world.

Before hires and appointments, we build the background checks you need. No more, no less.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve been trusted with vetting candidates for the highest-profile C-level and board placements. And we have developed new technologies to check the backgrounds of junior and mid-level hires in economical ways that provide meaningful insights.

Standard and Custom Background Checks

When clients commit to new hires, they are exposed to differing degrees of risk. Because that risk varies, clients require due diligence that goes beyond “checking the box.” We offer standard packages for certain levels of hire, and we custom build background checks in collaboration with our clients (see our A to Z graphic below).

Cutting-edge Investigation Techniques

Using a mix of cutting-edge techniques and expert analysis, we verify the professed qualifications of candidates and uncover inconsistencies, omissions and red flags that may hide in their backgrounds. Clients can access our secure, proprietary online portal to make requests, monitor progress, and receive results.

Led by investigative veterans, we have offices in 17 cities across eight time zones, and more than two dozen language fluencies in house.

What We Do

Why Mintz?

  • Our A to Z approach brings clarity to the confusing business of background checks: When it comes to diligence, when is enough, enough? Where does “background screening” end and “enhanced due diligence” begin?
  • We clear up the fog of common names. We don’t waste your time with a comment on a report such as: We are not sure whether this is the relevant person – it is a name match only.
  • Our clients complain that other background checkers mindlessly burden them with dubious “hits.” By assessing the reliability of those making allegations, our investigative experts provide proper context for potentially significant findings.
  • Because our clients have so much at stake in these transactions, our reports go well beyond the obvious online sources and data.
  • We work fast, and we alert clients to issues in real time.

How to Read a Chinese Résumé

We check the backgrounds of prospective employees and partners, all over the world. Much of our research on new relationships involves digging into résumés, and we notice patterns in the issues we uncover.

Download this one-page sample on résumés from China.

Mintz Group is the Exclusive Due Diligence Partner of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants.

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