Jim Mintz


New York

Jim Mintz, founder of the Mintz Group, has spent more than thirty years conducting investigations all over the world, primarily for law firms and general counsel. Jim helped pioneer the use of sophisticated resources by law firms in the 1970s as an in-house investigator at the Washington, D.C. law firm of Wald, Harkrader & Ross. In 1980, Newsweek said about their unique in-house group: “What sets [them] apart—and a few others around the nation—is their ability to take comprehensive looks at complicated situations and make sense out of them.”

Jim co-founded The Investigative Group, Inc. (IGI) in 1984, serving as its president and co-owner for a decade. During that period, IGI became one of the leading investigative firms in the country and was cited by the New York Times as being “the gold standard for financial private detection.” Jim founded the James Mintz Group in 1994.

Jim is a founding member and director of the International Association of Independent Private Sector Inspectors General. Jim served as one of the first IPSIGs when the New York State Organized Crime Task Force selected his firm to monitor a financial-services company.


Mintz Group, Practitioners, Again Recognized by Chambers

Named to Who’s Who Legal’s Thought Leaders Global Elite 2020 — Asset Recovery Experts

Presented at the 2019 SCG Legal Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., September 2019