Corporate Social Responsibility

To Ourselves

No sweat. On the witness stand or anywhere else. We’re ready to answer for every aspect of our investigative process — in a boardroom or a courtroom.  That’s our duty to ourselves.

To Our Employees

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility naturally includes a duty to our 280+ employees.  For the past 30 years, we’ve nurtured a culture that attracts and supports smart, curious and interesting professionals. We’re committed to our diverse group of extraordinary investigators who enjoy working on the highest-level and most challenging background checks, disputes and internal investigations.

To Our Clients

Our duty to clients — in addition to great investigative work and no-surprise billing — is to share our expertise whenever we can.  We train law firms on best practices for getting the most from witnesses. We’ve also conducted training sessions on tracing dirty money for the FBI, the International Criminal Court, the United Nations Development Programme, and a variety of others.

To the Truth

We recognize that the reputations of individuals and companies may depend on the facts we gather, and we have a duty of accuracy.

To the Wider Public

Our duty to the wider public includes performing pro bono investigations every day. For example, over the past 13 years we have devoted significant investigative resources to the global human rights group Center for Justice and Accountability, on whose board Jim Mintz has served.

Speaking of pro bono, we recently released a free game that we designed to increase public awareness of the money-laundering patterns of corrupt officials. It’s called Kleptocrat: How to Hide Dirty Money, and it’s fun to play! (Go to

Social Responsibility

And as we help our clients meet global standards of social responsibility, we endeavor to adhere to those standards ourselves. Corporations deserve social-responsibility partners who are themselves responsible.