Our Particular Set of Skills

Boots on the Ground

Our multinational and multi-disciplined staff of 450+ investigators — working out of 14 offices across nine time zones — are fluent in 35+ languages. They leverage their personal knowledge of local cultures and business environments to dig deeply into factual questions that concern our clients — from the presidential palace to the offshore oil rig.

Proper Investigation

The facts we bring to deals, disputes and controversies are properly sourced.  Our findings withstand cross-examination in court, are impressive to regulators, and are surprising at a negotiation.  Our brand is Clarity.

Perceiving Shades of Grey

Many of our staff were once investigative reporters, intelligence professionals, and research analysts in emerging and frontier markets, where they learned to sort out shades of grey in complex information. 

Extending a Client’s Reach

You might say that we’re classically trained.  Over the past 25 years, our clients have included some of the best and biggest law firms in the world, and we have helped them set standards and best practices for professional, on-the-record  investigations.  Our clients, many of whom are themselves investigative, appreciate our thought leadership and our collaborative approach in extending their reach.

Demystifying the Background Check

Whether our clients are considering investments, entering new markets, hiring talent or onboarding third parties, Mintz Group brings clarity to the confusing business of investigative diligence.  Our “Building a Background Check from A-Z” interactive tool is just one example of our long-standing commitment to demystifying  what various background checks actually check, and why. 

Hits in Context

Our clients complain that other background checkers mindlessly burden them with dubious “hits.” By assessing the reliability of those making allegations, our investigative experts provide proper context for potentially significant findings. 

Keep the Door From Slamming

Though they may come from a variety of backgrounds, our investigators all share our firm’s investigative journalism DNA. We’re professional interviewers, particularly adept at approaching witnesses over whom our side has no power to compel, and convincing them to tell the truth in detail, refer us to others and/or come forward to testify. This sets us apart fundamentally from many of our competitors, who are staffed mainly with former law enforcement officials. 

We’re Fast

Mintz Group has the capacity to work exceedingly quickly to match the pace of transactions, court fights and responses to allegations, which sometimes require information in hours, not days or weeks.