How We Gather Facts Properly

What Works

Because we have more than 25 years of experience gathering and presenting facts all over the world, we know what works — and what doesn’t.  Our  investigations help clients make informed decisions, assess risks and maximize opportunities.


What works for us is following obscure papertrails (actual paper and online) and approaching people for information and help (documents lead us to interviews, and interviews lead us to documents). 

On the Record

We are happy to affidavit each of our investigative steps. We routinely operate in tightly scripted environments, paying strict attention to applicable laws. Our results stand up to scrutiny by regulators, judges, juries, the press and the public.


We are rigorous about accuracy. We recognize our responsibility to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards, as the reputations of individuals and companies may depend on the facts we gather. 


We insist that our findings are clearly and reliably sourced, to a document where possible.  We do not rely on rumor or innuendo.


We operate within a variety of legal guidelines, including the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act and the E.U. General Data Protection Regulation; various local laws protecting the privacy of personal and financial information; and common-law privacy practices. We believe our guidelines establish an important standard of transparency in our due-diligence investigations.


We conduct thorough investigations that don’t invade anyone’s privacy, and we scrupulously avoid steps that—even if legal—might undermine our clients’ interests.