Our Clients

We don’t talk about the work we do for our clients. However, the press has reported on a few of our cases over the years. Some examples:

Background Checking

Before Relationships

“Jed Hughes, the leader of NFL executive search firm Korn/Ferry, said this: ‘When we hire, we use an outside group called the Mintz Group [private investigators] and they go into the court records and all that kind of stuff. There’s another level of due diligence with them in the court and all the public records that we don’t have access to.’”

“Twenty of the world’s biggest financial institutions are assembling a far- reaching private database of regulatory and criminal information from around the world that will enable them to conduct background checks on customers….The company [Regulatory DataCorp International] said yesterday it had joined forces with an investigative firm to expand the amount of data entering the system. The New York-based James Mintz Group had gathered records from more than 100 regulatory agencies in more than 50 countries, RDC said.”

Fact Gathering

During Disputes

“Mintz was hired by the Beatles to find out if, as they suspected, Capitol Records had cheated them by secretly selling millions of albums. Using database and old newspaper stories to find people who had worked in the record business 30 years ago, Mintz found the widow of a wholesaler with an attic full of business records. After hours of sifting through boxes, Mintz discovered a check confirming the secret sales. Capitol settled the suit for a reported $80 million.”

“[Intuit’s] Los Angeles law firm, Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP, hired The Mintz Group, a New York City-based private investigation firm that ‘gathers hidden business facts all over the world,’ according to its website. Mintz’s task: Research the qualifications of preparers at H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. and Liberty Tax Service….The firm tracked down and interviewed 25 former employees of the three companies and their experience, education and training.”

“Broadridge remains determined to get the 77-year-old Mr [Adnan] Khashoggi to cough up, even hiring Mintz Group, a firm of investigators, to help its lawyers at Levi Lubarsky & Feigenbaum hunt for assets. They are skeptical of his claims that he long ago frittered away a fortune once estimated at close to $4 billion.”

“Mintz was hired by [New York City] to assist with its anti-gun lawsuit, which seeks to hold gun manufacturers and distributors responsible for turning a blind eye to the illegal gun trade. Mintz’s task is to trace the flow of firearms into New York City….One part of [New York City’s] case will be the testimony of illicit gun dealers and straw men, dozens of whom Mintz and his team have tracked down.”

Internal Investigations

After Allegations

“James Mintz, chief investigator for the [Connecticut] House impeachment committee…probed the governor’s [Connecticut Gov. John Rowland] acceptance of gifts and favors from state contractors and coterie of close aides….Mintz and his investigators, after initially having trouble finding cooperative witnesses, had developed a flow of information and tips.”

“The Mintz Group, our lead private investigators, worked tirelessly to gather the facts and information necessary to fulfill the Committee’s mandate [to investigate Utah Attorney General John Swallow]. Jim Mintz, the firm’s president, contributed his experience and wisdom to the development of the Committee’s investigative strategy. He also conducted interviews with important witnesses himself. Mintz Group investigators…provided the ‘boots on the ground’ that did the day-to-day work of the investigation.”

— Report of the Special Investigative Committee, Utah House of Representatives