Fact Gathering

During Disputes

Evidence Gathering for Legal Proceedings by Various Practice Areas

Much of our evidence-gathering for litigators falls into the same practice areas as at law firms – Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property, White-Collar Defense, among others.

Here are some examples of the work we do:


For defendants’ counsel in antitrust litigation, we’ve undertaken assignments to show that a plaintiff company was blaming our client for its decline when its own missteps were the cause.


On behalf of a bankruptcy trustee who was appointed after a long-running fraud, we investigated professionals who allegedly turned a blind eye to the fraud while collecting significant fees.

White Collar Defense

In white-collar defense matters, we dig into the background and credibility of government witnesses. Investigations we’ve performed in parallel to those of government agents have helped defense counsel talk prosecutors out of indictments.

Employment Litigation

For employment litigators, we’ve helped resolve suspicions that recently departed employees may have left with trade secrets, or “jumped the gun” in creating a competing business.

Intellectual Property

Much of our investigative work for intellectual property litigators involves tracing the origin of products, documents and ideas. And we often police the marketplace for a client’s products.


Our investigative work for patent litigators often involves profiling opposing parties, identifying investors, locating assets and knowledgeable witnesses and finding products and often decades-old, supporting documentation.

Product Liability

We often help counsel defend against product-liability and toxic-tort lawsuits by answering three questions: Was our client’s product really used by the plaintiff? Is there an alternative explanation for the plaintiff’s alleged injuries? Has plaintiff’s counsel engaged in any litigation abuses?

Proxy & Corporate Governance

Mintz Group helps initiate and defend against proxy contests and corporate governance campaigns by diligencing board slates and sitting directors, uncovering vulnerabilities that can raise doubts about their independence and fitness to serve.

Public Policy

In public-policy disputes, we work in tandem with our client’s communications advisors, lobbyists and attorneys to gather facts on their opponents’ vulnerabilities and relationships.

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