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Mintz Group Announces Partnership with Credivera Creating Global Solutions for the Future of Digital Identity

Creating a network of trust and accountability for clients by offering real-time verifiable credentials

Mintz Group, a global leader in investigative, due diligence and screening services, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Credivera, a technology platform that provides proof of workplace skills and certifications such as technical credentials, ​​academic degrees and work experience.

“Our clients are under more pressure than ever to source and onboard hard-to-find talent in an increasingly unpredictable environment. They need background verification services that enhance applicant privacy and accuracy while improving customer experience – thus resulting in better, faster outcomes for our clients.  Mintz Group is committed to continuing to leverage next-generation technology to deliver results to our clients and their customers,” said Tim Whipple, Mintz Group Chief Executive Officer.  

Credivera, a cloud-based technology, collects and displays verifiable digital credentials through the use of permissioned distributed ledger technology to maintain a real-time, secure record of workforce compliance. Credivera’s solutions use globally accepted standards to help leaders in more than 30 countries achieve their business goals associated with the maintenance of a verified workforce.  

“We started working with Credivera in 2019,” said Dan Fallows, Executive Director of Mintz Global Screening, a division of Mintz Group.  “Credivera transforms the way proof of people, products, and processes is provided.  We were so impressed with Credivera’s vision that we approached Dan Giurescu, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Credivera, about a strategic partnership.”

“Through the issuance of verifiable credentials (VCs), Credivera ensures transparency and trustworthiness. VCs are traceable and verified by the organization that issued them, improving trust and accountability, reducing fraud, increasing security, and driving administrative efficiencies through improvements in workflow management,” said Dan Giurescu.  “Leveraging the Credivera Network we can eliminate tedious back-and-forth communication between verifier services and the issuers of credentials removing a series of significant manual re-verifications, due to the nature of distributed ledger technology while creating a win, win, win for the issuer, worker, and verifier,” said Dan Giurescu.

The strategic partnership between Mintz and Credivera will combine the verification of workforce skills in highly regulated industries with verified background screening and increased confidence in hiring.


For corporations, investors and the legal, financial and talent advisors who need actionable facts to assess risks, protect reputations and win disputes, Mintz Group is the partner of choice for due diligence, investigations and background screening, anywhere in the world. Since 1994, Mintz Group has developed a uniquely transparent and practical approach to fact gathering before hires and transactions, during disputes and after allegations. We provide impartial facts that are comprehensively researched, properly sourced and stand up to the toughest scrutiny in the boardroom or the courtroom.  Headquartered in New York City, Mintz Group has 12 offices in eleven countries, with a team that has successfully conducted investigations in over 100 countries.  To learn more, please visit or

Credivera is a technology platform that provides proof of certifications and work experience. The cloud technology collects and verifies digital credentials while using blockchain to maintain a real-time, auditable record. Started in 2017 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Credivera’s solutions use globally accepted standards to help business leaders in over 30 countries achieve their goals associated with the verification of credentials and compliance. To learn more about their network and compliance platform, visit

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