June 13, 2017

Using data visualization to solve clients’ complex problems

The International Bar Association’s recent Annual Litigation Forum Conference in Zurich played host to a presentation by Mintz Group partner Ian Casewell that demonstrated an exciting Mintz initiative for aiding clients — interactive, graphic visualization.

Casewell, who heads the Mintz Group’s London office, spoke at a panel titled “Cutting-edge ways of introducing and taking evidence.” He displayed a number of diagram types that are tailored to common client needs: chronologies, relationship or network diagrams, geographic mapping, in addition to the traditional charts for financial trends and pattern analysis.

“Visualization of complex data sets or networks provides a key entry point when presenting to clients or the general public,” said Irwin Chen, Mintz Group’s Director of Visualization Design. “At the Mintz Group, we build on expert information gathering and investigations to create effective graphics that tell compelling stories about the data our research uncovers.”

“Sometimes these visualizations emerge from our own internal processes in trying to understand the patterns ourselves, and often these translate into tools that interactively show multiple layers of information … Increasingly, we have been leveraging cutting-edge software libraries for analyzing and rendering large data sets, and experimenting with more sophisticated algorithmic methods of processing large data sets.”

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