October 27, 2017

New Yorker Magazine Profile of Jim Mintz and Irwin Chen and Our Game Kleptocrat

New Yorker magazine profiles Jim Mintz (CEO)and Irwin Chen (Director of Visualization Design), who created our game Kleptocrat, which you can download from the Apple app store.

Reporter Mark Singer’s article “The Do’s and Don’ts of Kleptocracy,” includes interviews of Jim and Irwin about the app. They explain how they studied notorious cases of kleptocracy and found patterns of money laundering and offshore structuring that hold true across every region of the world. The game, which is downloadable for free, helps the public understand dirty-money patterns, and helps law enforcement, journalists and NGOs trace and recover misappropriated public assets.

Learn more about the game here and download the Kleptocrat app here.

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