July 11, 2019

Mintz Group Recognized by Chambers

Chambers and Partners, which researches and ranks the best lawyers worldwide, quoted Mintz Group clients on the firm:

— “For complex asset investigation, they are top of the chain”; and

— “They’re not trying to do all things, which a lot do in this sector. They know what they are, which is an investigative shop, and that’s their pitch. They have been doing this for a while now, they have strong leadership and they’re highly competent.”

The website also quoted a legal-services expert as saying about personnel at the Mintz Group: “I’ve always found them really compelling because they have ex-journalists who are used to obtaining information without compulsory power. Most of what you do is not walking in with a court order and saying ‘please can you give me all of the information’ — you have to find cleverer ways.”

C&P also identified London partner Ian Casewell as a notable practitioner, quoting a Mintz Group client as saying about Ian Casewell’s asset-tracing work: “I would say he’s the best.  He doesn’t come back without an answer; he just finds another way to find out.”

In addition, Chambers and Partners quoted a Mintz Group competitor as saying about Ian Casewell, “Ian stands out for us and he’s someone we’d be happy to work with.  He’s very talented.”

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