Deep Background

Why Mintz 3

Why Mintz?

  • We have 30 years of experience in conducting internal investigations around the world: researching and obtaining records, conducting interviews, and overseeing the forensic collection and analysis of electronic data.
  • We have invested in developing “boots on the ground” and internal “cookbooks” of resources for the 130+ countries in which we regularly work.
  • We recruit our staff based on their investigative experience in various countries and their language skills. We have in-house fluency in more than two dozen languages.
  • All information in our reports is sourced, to a document where possible. Our memoranda sit atop copies of the actual documents in which our information appears. We do not rely on rumor or innuendo, and our reports avoid using vague statements – such as “according to sources.”
  • Our methodology and investigation work product have been subject to review by regulators and used by companies as a standard in responding to corruption allegations.
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