Deep Background

Why Mintz 2

Why Mintz?

No Red Lights

Many compliance officers require risk-ranking of reports but don’t like their due diligence providers presuming to hold up “red lights.” Our reports assess the findings for each third party and assign them to one of three categories: Simple, Points of Interest, and Complex.

Context on Hits

Compliance officers often complain that some third-party reports burden them with mindless “hits” that lack a proper frame of reference — such as the unreliable blog or partisan newspaper in which the hits appear. Our investigative experts provide context for potentially significant findings, such as assessing the reliability of the parties making allegations.

Boots on the Ground

Compliance officers need access to local human intelligence that is predictably priced and can meet their deadline. We’ve carefully built that capability over the past 30 years, conducting source inquiries in every corner of the world.

280 Investigative Staff

Our clients know who stands behind our reports. We have a superb, multilingual staff of more than 280 investigators — not subcontractors with unknown training and expertise — who work out of 12 offices around the world.

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