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Types of Evidence We Gather

Types of Evidence We Gather


We know how to search obscure public records and which paper trails will yield relevant documentary evidence. We go far beyond what can be found from a desktop. And when we bring documents into a court process, we do it properly — through authentication, certification and chain of custody.


We’re professional interviewers. Our skills are aimed at not only gaining accurate information from witnesses, but also cooperation in coming forward to court. We specialize in dealing with witnesses over whom our litigator-clients have no power.


Much of the evidence presented in court comes from documents, the internet or computer hard drives. We help litigators find and preserve evidence in all three of these areas, as well as help them attack the legitimacy of opposing evidence.


In litigation, we’ve learned that if one side uses graphics to make an argument about complex facts, while the other side uses only words — graphics usually win. We routinely report complex facts to clients in clear, full-color visualizations, such as chronologies, relationship webs and maps. Clients often respond, “Wow, I need to get that graphic in front of the judge!”

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