Deep Background

Candidate Background Screening in Executive Search 2024

In 2021, the AESC and Mintz Group, the AESC’s exclusive due diligence partner and an industry leader in background screening of executive and board candidates, conducted a survey of AESC members concerning background screening in executive search.

The survey covered a wide range of issues, including the mechanics of how background searches are conducted, which red flags are of greatest concern, and what role the then-novel technology of artificial intelligence might play. Significant changes have unfolded since the initial survey. The dynamics of the executive talent market have shifted. Regulations regarding the use of personal information by potential employers continue to evolve. And AI has increasingly become part of the background screening toolkit, as users work to understand the technology’s potential and limitations.

The 2024 AESC-Mintz Group survey revisits many of the themes addressed in the 2021 survey, and also probes new issues.


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