Asset tracing & recovery practice

For more than 25 years, Mintz Group investigators have helped creditors enforce judgments in hundreds of cases all over the world.

When individuals, companies or governments owe you money, we find the debtors’ assets. Our asset-tracing cases are invariably multi-layered, frequently cross border, and often in offshore jurisdictions. 

Long before a court judgment is obtained, we can give you a clear picture of how deep an adversary’s pockets are, helping you make sound business decisions throughout disputes.

And even earlier in business relationships, we can help you test — rather than blindly rely on — other parties’ representations about their financial condition.

We pay particular attention to highly convertible assets – not only cash, but commodities in transit, real estate, accounts receivable and inventories.

We have substantial experience in sovereign disputes and are mindful of the high evidentiary requirements for enforcement against assets of sovereigns’ alter egos.

Corporate veil-piercing is usually front and center in our sovereign enforcement cases.

Our asset-tracing cases are invariably multi-layered, frequently cross-border, and often in offshore jurisdictions.


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