Managing Exposed Risk

In a world of increasing uncertainty, knowing your business partners and potential counterparties is more important than ever.  “Check the box” diligence can often leave you open to unknown risks; with sophisticated parties operating around the globe, a more nuanced assessment of risk is critical. 

With ever increasing sanctions regimes on one side and sophisticated actors seeking to obfuscate their ownership and financial interests on the other, a nimble and nuanced investigation of beneficial ownership and sanctions risk is key. Our investigative services include:

•   From higher volume compliance checks to deep investigations of kleptocrats’ complex holding structures, our investigations are tailored to client’s needs.

•   We typically undertake due diligence reviews based on a phased approach, depending on the level of risk and information accessibility in each jurisdiction.

•   Our investigations often cover the deep paper trail and talking with closely held sources to order to map ultimate beneficial ownership and identify undisclosed connections.

UFLPA ushers in a new era of sanctions due diligence

The coming into force of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) has dramatically altered sanctions risk for a wide swath of companies importing goods into the United States.

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Some recent cases:

Understanding land and company ownership by Myanmar military to inform a company’s in-country manufacturing operations in order to avoid sanctioned parties and human rights offenders.

Mapping a complex web of companies to identify undisclosed relationships benefiting from contracts with sanctioned Belarusian potash companies.

Identifying and mapping a sanctioned Venezuelan party’s undisclosed control over a series of companies purchasing electrical supplies from a US manufacturer.

Identifying Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps interest in a series of technology companies with whom our client was considering doing business.

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