Practice Areas

A Mintz Report examines a candidate both professionally and personally, including:

  • Education credentials
  • Employment history
  • Civil and criminal litigation
  • Regulatory sanctions
  • Licensing and credentialing
  • Social media
  • Press coverage
  • Public profile
  • Creditworthiness
  • Controversies at current and prior employers, and on boards


The Mintz Group sets the standard for background checking of executive and board candidates—from long list to finalist. We do this work all over the world.

Mintz Reports delve into the backgrounds and reputations of candidates before they are hired to executive positions or appointed to boards. We conduct these investigations for companies, search committees and executive search firms.

We verify the professed qualifications of these candidates and uncover inconsistencies and omissions. We also look for undisclosed
controversies they may have in their backgrounds. Because our clients have so much at stake in executive and board-level appointments, our reports go well beyond obvious online sources and databases.




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