Practice Areas

Building Security & Emergency Preparedness

Our Building Security and Emergency Preparedness team helps commercial property owners and their property managers:

(1) assess vulnerability to natural hazards and man-made threats at both the corporate and property-specific level, and (2) develop comprehensive emergency preparedness, security and response plans.

Collaborating with a property owner’s risk management and communications advisors, the Mintz Group security team works to optimize limited resources dedicated to protecting people and property, and minimize owner loss, legal liability and insurance costs.

Our services include:

• Pre-acquisition due-diligence
• Pre-construction security design review
• Security and emergency preparedness assessment
• Development of enterprise level security standards
• Risk management and loss prevention coordination
• Coordination with crisis communications provider
• Equipment procurement and installation oversight
• Emergency simulation (tabletops)
• Pre-lease due-diligence (tenant background checks)

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