Practice Areas

Computer Forensics

By building computer forensics into the corporate investigator’s toolbox, and analyzing electronic data with an investigator’s eye, we provide a unique, cost-effective—and global— resource for law firms and in-house counsel during litigation and internal investigations.

We uncover evidence bearing on:

• Misappropriation of trade secrets
• Embezzlement
• Kickbacks from vendors
• Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations
• Fabrication of electronic documents and email
• Claims of discrimination and wrongful termination

Our forensic expertise includes:

• Recovering deleted emails, text messages, documents and photographs
• Accessing forensic information in cell phones, BlackBerries and other mobile devices
• Recreating a timeline of activity on a computer, such as specific webpages visited and  documents printed
• Analyzing complex relationships in large quantities of data
• Stripping away online anonymity–including hard-to-trace email addresses, blog postings and  website creation
• Preserving data for potential litigation or future investigations
• Decrypting password-protected files



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