Titus Kirigia



Titus Kirigia is the Director of the Mintz Group’s office in Nairobi, Kenya, and oversees all operations in Africa.  He has a wide range of professional skills and experience including:  forensic accounting and auditing; money laundering detection and prevention; integrity due-diligence; and fraud and corruption investigations.  He has conducted anti-corruption due-diligence assignments on potential agents and business partners in more than a dozen countries throughout Africa.

Titus worked for a major insurance company in Kenya, building his way up to the position of chief accountant and controller.  In 1996, he developed his own business in the provision of international transportation services in support of humanitarian relief agencies working through a number of conflict states across Africa.  In 2000, Titus returned to financial consulting for an international firm based in Nairobi, after which he was seconded to work for the Government of Kenya–first in the Central Bank of Kenya and later with the Department of Governance and Ethics and the Kenyan Anti-Corruption Commission.