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David Loewenberg

Based in the New York office, David specializes in investigations related to complex financial matters including hedge funds, private equity, structured fixed-income products and equity derivatives.  He works with institutional and private investors to complete due diligence before transactions, and manages investigations for companies and law firms engaged in securities litigation.

Before joining the Mintz Group, David spent 18 years on Wall Street where, most recently, he was a partner in a long/short hedge fund.  Prior to that he was the chief product manager for a $1.7 billion dollar hybrid fund of hedge funds.  David started his career at Fuji Capital Markets Corporation.

David has investigated asset managers, private banks and public companies in the U. S., U.K., EU, Switzerland and numerous off-shore tax havens.  He has led an investigation that covered securities litigants in nine jurisdictions and six languages, and an investigation which sought to recover more than $50 million in missing assets from alternative investment vehicles.

David studied medieval philosophy at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.