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Christopher Sanchez

Christopher has 19 years of experience in the fields of national security, crisis management, forensic investigations, advance threat protection and site vulnerability assessments. He is a Managing Director for the Mintz Group, with 320 global professionals helping clients in all industries manage a myriad of business, financial, legal, regulatory and reputational risk. Christopher specializes in conducting site security advances and criminal investigations, as well as physical, threat and vulnerability assessments to include protective intelligence investigations. He also assists clients in achieving their desired protection from the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFETY Act.

Christopher is also part of the Global Intelligence practice group that offers a full spectrum of governance, compliance, investigative, anti-corruption and intelligence services across all sectors of business – both public and private. He is also a member of the Mintz Group Sports Intelligence practice which helps professional sports teams manage threats and increase opportunities to teams, players, ownership organizations, and events by integrating key capabilities to help sports organizations and event venues manage threats to their brand, their teams and their fans.

​Christopher was a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service, where he investigated crimes against the government, acts of terrorism, and spent 5 years on the Presidential Protection Detail. Christopher has conducted multiple security advances for the first family both domestically and internationally, throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Before the Secret Service, he was an officer for the Houston Police Department, enforcing federal, state and local laws.  Christopher has a Criminal Justice degree from Texas State University where he played Division I college football.