Deep Background

Workplace Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct

In one case, we looked at the credibility of both accuser and accused, including real-time corroboration that the accuser claimed to have shared with a friend. We spoke to colleagues and former colleagues (who seemed more free to speak). And we figured out that our investigation was running alongside a cover-up by the accused, including arguable witness tampering.


On behalf of a large academic institution, we investigated the source of anonymous threatening emails sent to administrators by more than 10 email accounts over a multiyear period. From our forensic analysis of email headers and other online activity associated with the email handles, we were able to identify a former employee of the institution as a likely suspect. Forensic review of the former employee’s work computer developed evidence from email and internet traffic that confirmed that they were indeed the author of the emails.

Information Theft

A prominent publisher asked us to investigate the pre-publication leak of a best-selling book after an anonymous blogger had posted excerpts of the book. By analyzing stylistic clues in the writings of the blogger and searching historical domain registration records, we found a defunct website with information that helped us identify him.

Sexual Abuse

Investigating allegations of sexual abuse at an international school, we conducted sensitive interviews with staff and parents of students. In addition, we advised the school on drafting new policies and actions to take to ensure the safeguarding of children.


In the U.A.E., we investigated a professional services employee who had misappropriated tens of millions of dollars from a client account. This involved proving ownership of certain assets that had been frozen in proceedings

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