About Us

Founded in 1994, the Mintz Group has conducted over
10,000 investigations in more than 100 countries.

Our global team has the expertise, resources and insight to find and analyze
hidden business facts
anywhere in the world. We take pride in our untarnished
record of maintaining the highest
professional and ethical standards.

Clarity in a Complex World

It’s tricky doing business in a complex, cross-border environment, where you’re unlikely to have the
information you need. When the truth is complicated and hidden, we reveal the risks you need to know
to make informed decisions in business relationships, in the workplace, and in court. Leading
corporations and their legal, financial and recruiting advisors trust the Mintz Group to provide a clear
and detailed view of the facts. We dig deeper, and we understand your needs, issues and deadlines.

We work with you to extend the reach of your own investigations. Whether it’s an internal fraud
investigation in Dubai, a due diligence background check in China, or fact-gathering for an antitrust
case in Chicago, we help you find the answers you need — accurately, discreetly, clearly.